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Rep. George Santos introduces “the GUO Act of 2023”

Today, Rep. Santos introduced “The GUO Act of 2023” or the Government Unanimous Oversight Act of 2023. This is a significant step toward holding accountable those inside our justice system working and colluding with the CCP to undermine the American Rule of Law.

“Had our compliancy standards been more stringent and had federal oversight demanded more frequent financial disclosures from the people we trust to run our justice system, shady and un-American dealings like this could be prevented” Santos said.

The bill would demand financial transparency and accountability for those working in our prosecutorial system, further ensuring that people like George Higginbotham, a former DOJ official who pleaded guilty to taking $40+ million USD bribery from the CCP to remove Mr. Guo from the US, will never be able to have the opportunity to betray America.