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NFSC Speaks

The CCP may have control over the American media but they cannot stop the truth from spreading.

Over the years we have exercised our freedom of speech to the fullest, in our mission to take down the Chinese Communist Party. Through many unique shows hosted by members from all around the world, we have been tirelessly spreading the truth on the evils of the CCP. Our shows on NFSC TV have hundreds of thousands of viewers on average, who are not shy to voice their support of the NFSC’s mission.

With leading hosts like Nicole and Prince presenting to the world that the identity and belief of a Chinese person should not be decided by the evils of the CCP. Contrary to how the CCP hide and carry themselves, the NFSC is proud to be our most genuine selves on not only our shows but at all times. To take down the CCP is to also take down the negative connotation they have associated with the Chinese.