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It is questionable whether Mr. Guo was given all exculpatory evidence and the FBI agent working with Pras Michel should be recused from further involvement
Former DOJ employee George Higginbotham as a well-paid pawn in a CCP-led conspiracy to expel Miles Guo, a legitimate refugee under the CCP’s threat
Time for Congress to investigate Miles Guo’s case and show whether the US government is able to address the CCP’s infiltration
The DOJ collaborating the CCP in libeling Miles Guo would be equivalent to the U.S. working with the Nazis in persecuting Jews during WWII
The SDNY prosecutors had to admit in court in front of a federal judge that they had worked a lot with Communist China
Statement Regarding a Fire Incident at Mr. Miles Guo's New York Residence on March 15, 2023
The NFSC peaceful protesters are harassed by a mysterious drone at the University of Maryland, which may very well be done by the CCP
The bribery and seduction revealed by the case of Nickie Lum Davis demonstrates the CCP's infiltration into the U.S. government and threat to democracy