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NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: The NFSC Rally Against CCP Is Well Organized, Peaceful, and Everyone Knows What They Stand for and Happy for That

Part 1: American Rappers Shawn and Ito Introduce the Lyrics and the Idea Behind the Song “Take Down the XiCP”

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: American rappers Shawn and Ito introduced the lyrics and the idea behind the song “Take down the XiCP”. They said the making process for the song was smooth and informative. The most important thing is that we no longer call it CCP, but the “XiCP” because not only does the CCP can not represent the Chinese people, but they are the enemy of the Chinese people.

Part 2: The NFSC Rally Against CCP Is Well Organized, Peaceful, and Everyone Knows What They Stand for and Happy for That

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: Shawn speaks about his feelings about the whole NFSC rally against the CCP in San Francisco. He said compared with other Chinese groups which showed so much violence and tension over there, the NFSC supporters are more organized, peaceful, and everybody knows what they stand for and feel happy for that. They seem completely unafraid of death, or anything that may come. The only thing they care about is to save Chinese people. 

Part 3: NFSC APEC 2023 Protests Well Organized, Legally Compliant

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: Roy revealed that before the APEC 2023 protest rally, we went to the police station to ask if we needed a permit and to make sure that everything was done right. And we followed the police’s advice to set up a smaller stage without blocking the entrance. However, we were still able to ensure that our message was conveyed clearly and directly to Xi Jinping and his team.


Part 4: American Rappers Shawn and Ito Are Very Supportive of the NFSC Because They Feel the Kindness, Peace, and Passion of Our Fellow Fighters

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: American rappers Shawn and Ito said they were able to make the song so quickly because it flowed naturally from their hearts. After arriving at the rally, they know why they wrote the song. Because the people of the NFSC are so kind, peaceful, and passionate. There’s just complete peace when they are around the people who want to change China and save China.

Part 5: American Rappers Shawn and Ito Talk About Their Feelings About Participating in the Protest Against Xi

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: When talking about the feeling of participating in the protest, Ito said that the people of the NFSC are very peaceful, humble, and fearless, and their sincerity gives him energy. If the world could be as united as the people of the NFSC, we would be living in a much better place. Shawn said that the NFSC is honest with people and will hide nothing. He is very honored to cooperate with the NFSC and wholeheartedly believes that the cause of taking down the CCP will be achieved.

Part 6: NFSC Demonstrators are people with Faith

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: CCP-paid demonstrators lack purpose, participating merely as a task, but demonstrators of NFSC with faith, courage, communication skills, and a commitment to challenging the CCP. This contrast highlights the authenticity and passion of the NFSC members, exemplified by their energetic performances and successful outcomes.


Part 7: Mark Tell Story of Participating in the NFSC “Take Down the XiCP” Rally

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files:  Mark, who joined the ‘Take Down the XiCP’ rally, vividly described the passion and camaraderie with like-minded NFSC fellow fighters rallying against the CCP. He emphasized the importance of making our voices heard and our collective impact and said that the rally was very important for every protester.

Part 8: NFSC Is To Help and Save America From CCP’s Influence

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: The New Federal State of China is committed to spreading the truth, not seeking donations or pursuing fame and wealth. We are here to help and save the United States from the corrupt influence of the Chinese Communist Party because the people of the NFSC know the Chinese Communist Party best, and we do not want the United States to become a country like communist China.

Part 9: Mark: Communism Is Not Welcome in America

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: Mark said that all San Francisco is doing to welcome Xi is creating the image that communism is welcome in the U.S.  But it’s not welcome to us. We need to wake people up and not wait for communism to be implemented before we fight it.


Part 10: Mark Szuszkiewicz: The Majority of Americans, Irrespective of Their Political Affiliation, Firmly Reject Communism

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: Mark believes that the majority of Americans, irrespective of their political affiliation, firmly reject communism. He emphasizes the perilous nature of communism, and its dark history of oppression, starvation, and violence. Pro-communists are a small fraction of individuals, primarily in liberal cities, who have been swayed by socialist ideologies propagated through the education system.

Part 11: Emma and Randella Overwhelmed by the Genuine, Passionate, and Loving Nature of the NFSC Members

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: Sharing her feelings about attending the NFSC APEC 2023 protest, Emma said that although everyone was tired from traveling from all over the world, we were all bringing out our best energies as we were fighting for a common goal. And Randella was impressed by the genuineness, passion, and love of the NFSC members.

Part 12: NFSC Protesters Send a Powerful Will to Fight Against the CCP

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files:  The NFSC protesters believe that the top politicians of the CCP and other influential figures have noticed the will of the protesters and understand that the NFSC protesters will keep on fighting until they surrender. No matter how hard the CCP tries to cover up stuff in the media, the NFSC members will discover the truth and fight against them. 


Part 13: Xi Is Not Loved by Chinese People, Rather He Is the Enemy of Chinese People

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: There are pro-CCP groups that are organized and paid by the Chinese counselors in the welcome Xi.  They are making a false impression that Xi is welcomed by American and Chinese people who live in America. But it’s not true. If Xi is loved by Chinese people, why did he ask them to put a barricade to prevent people from getting close to him? It actually shows he is not the leader of the people, but rather he is the enemy of the people. 

Part 14: Fellow Fighters From the NFSC Trust Each Other and Work Together To Make an Impossible Rally Against the CCP Happen

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files:  The NFSC did the impossible to successfully hold a rally against the CCP and dictator Xi. This is the second time, we Chinese people can trust each other and gather together to protest against the ruling party of China since the Tiananmen Incident in 1989. This time, American people are standing alongside the Chinese people, because American people also fall victim to the CCP. This is why the CCP is so scared of us, and it explains why for many years they made so many efforts to go after us. 

Part 15: Roy Reveals the Miraculous Back Story of the Rally Held by the NFSC To Protest Against CCP in San Francisco

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: It is a perfect and miraculous rally held by the NFSC in San Francisco to protest against the CCP and the dictator Xi. People worked at the front, the technical personnel and all the other fellow fighters that worked in different posts together made this happen. Despite the harassment of the CCP operatives on site and a series of difficulties we encountered, we finally overcame all the barriers and made it a successful and perfect rally. 


Part 16: I Am Touched by Fellow Fighters From the NFSC, and the Energy and Vibe on Site Is a Gather of Magic

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files:  To protest the CCP and the dictator Xi, fellow fighters from NFSC put everything aside, stop everything they need to do, and purchase tickets to come to San Francisco to join the protest. No one think it is work, because it is out of deep heart and everyone believes it. The energy and vibe is great on site, it also resonates with American people, they also joined chanting“ Take Down the CCP!”

Part 17: Ava: If You Want America and China Has Good Relationships, You Need To Hear the People’s Voice and Remove the Xi Dictator

11/18/2023 NFSC Speaks Infiltration Files: Those American business leaders that dined with dictator Xi, they really have no interest in the conversation, they are only putting up an acting show. In fact, most of them are leaving China. If anyone who really wants a good US-China relationship, you need to hear the people’s voice and remove the dictator Xi Jinping, because he doesn’t represent the Chinese people, he only represents himself, his family and his gang.