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2023.10.28 Latest Exclusive Intel from NFSC – Hamas-Israel War with Special Guest AlphaWarrior EP20

The U.S. has millions more veterans in a variety of occupations. Still, these people are trained and equipped to fight and are ready to go to war
in order to save the country.

According to intelligence from The New Federal State of China, CCP supplied Huawei cell phones to Hamas terrorists, the extremist Hamas organization funded by CCP. Hamas terrorists kill Israelis in brutal ways, deliberately provoking Israel to strike back. This is combined with media propaganda to involve the entire Middle East in the Israeli-Hamas conflict eventually. This has been Hamas’ intention all along.

The U.S. may be falling into the trap of the CCP because the CCP knows the military readiness of the U.S., they have stolen U.S. technology, they have infiltrated the U.S. leadership, and they know the position of the U.S. military.