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Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show: The CCP Has No Loyal Friends

Part 1: The CCP Has No Loyal Friends 

10/24/2023 Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show: The CCP doesn’t really have any friends, they just use these that will benefit them. Vice versa,  the CCP’s so-called allies are not loyal to the CCP.  North Korea, Russia, Iran and Hamas are relying on the CCP for economic aid and military supplies when they have been isolated and sanctioned by the US and the Western Allies. There are all purely transactional relationships. 

Part 2: The CCP Runs a Bitcoin Mine Next to a Microsoft Data Center that Serves Pentagon

10/24/2023 Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show: The CCP is now operating a Bitcoin mine outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is right next to a Microsoft data center that apparently serves the Pentagon, and there’s this giant air force base in Wyoming. Texas is subsidizing the CCP working on cryptocurrency mining, which is used by the CCP for money laundering and funding terrorist groups like Hamas and Iran.

Part 3: When US Intel Community or Law Enforcement Personnels Are Dedicated to the Domestic Problem, That Leaves a Blank Space for CCP To Come In

10/24/2023 Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show: When US Intel community or law enforcement personnels are dedicated to the domestic problem, that leaves a blank space for CCP to come in. CCP’s policy advisor Wang Huning once wrote a book called America against America basically telling the CCP officials to use the vulnerabilities in America and then penetrate into the US society, creating internal division.


Part 4: Nobody Has Informed Us About the Threat We Face From China, Like Miles Guo Has

10/24/2023 Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show: When it comes to taking down the CCP and informing Americans about the threat that we face, nobody has informed us about the threat we face from China like Miles Guo has.  And yet the FBI locks him up. He should be held up as a hero. Instead, he’s locked up in a jail cell. This typifies the problem with America.

Part 5: The CCP’s Self-Driving Vehicles in California Will Collect Information Detrimental to the United States

10/24/2023 Nicole on Grant Stinchfield Show: The CCP’s self-driving vehicles in California are collecting important data that could be used against the US in events of a military confrontation. These data could be utilized by CCP militants or Hamas and jihadist militants lurking within the United States. The US has given the CCP many green lights, allowing them to act recklessly in the country.