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Roy on Wayne Dupree Podcast: The CCP Is the Root Cause of the Current Chaos in Middle East

Part 1: The CCP is the Root Cause of the Current Chaos in Middle East

10/19/2023 Roy on Wayne Dupree Podcast: Last Friday when Israel was planning to have IDF troops entering Gaza, the NFSC released a warning that it is a trap from Hamas, which has helped Israel to understand their real situation. When the pandemic first started, Miles warned that Egypt was asking Xi Jinping to help build P3 Labs for biological weapons. From the beginning of last year, Iran and North Korea have been asking the CCP for P3 labs, the spy balloon, and aviation technologies. Ironically, most of them are from the U.S. and Israel. 

Part 2: Decoupling from CCP in Technology and Finance is Crucial

10/19/2023 Roy on Wayne Dupree Podcast: It’s so important to cut off the ties technologically and financially with the CCP. They’ve been stealing IP from the US like through the “Thousand Talents program”. These people are pretty much Americanized. They receive American education and have all the credentials and top-secret technologies, but they have always taken money from the CCP and handed over technologies and documents to the CCP.

Part 3: The CCP Will Use Unrestricted Weapons to Attack Taiwan in the Upcoming War

10/19/2023 Roy on Wayne Dupree Podcast: If the CCP attacks Taiwan, they are likely to employ unprecedented non-restrictive new weapons. The spy balloons that flew over the U.S. soil are one of them. It can carry chemical weapons or bombs, allowing the CCP to easily breach the first and second island chains from the sky. World War Three is on the verge of breaking out.


Part 4: Roy: The Dictators’ Dialogue and the Axis of Evil Formed Have Caused Serious Consequences 

10/19/2023 Roy on Wayne Dupree Podcast: Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is isolated by the world, has the support of Xi Jinping in Beijing. Just after Hamas attacked Israel, Russia increased its military deployment in Donbass. This is all a conspiracy. This is the severe consequence of allowing these dictators to dialog and form a new axis of evil.