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2023.10.05 Ava on Live From America with Jeremy Herrell

Sequoia Capital is the vanguard of the CCP’s infiltration of the United States, and its investment projects are used by the CCP to make “weapons” against the United States. Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CCP, once wrote the book “Americans vs. Americans,” and two colonels from the PLA wrote “Unrestricted Warfare” in 1990. The CCP wants to fight the United States to the death without firing a bullet.

China has generated two-digit returns in the past 20 years because of a forced labor camp. Half of the country’s over six hundred million Chinese people live on a wage of less than a hundred forty US dollars.

The CCP’s controls Latin America and South America. Miles Guo told the world three things to do to counter the CCP’s 3F plan against the free world, which is to follow the money, follow the genitals (sexual relations/DNA) , the most important thing is to follow the information released by the New Federal State of China.