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The Unholy Triad – An Inevitable Checkmate Looming on the Horizon


The world watches with bated breath as Xi Jinping, Putin, and Kim Jong-Un formed the Evil-Axis alliance with each at the helm of a nuclear-armed state and having the potential to wreak havoc on an unimaginable scale to destroy the world. And world leaders face a monumental challenge in maintaining global peace and security. So the burning question here is: How effective are their strategies in neutralizing this perilous situation?

World leaders have employed these strategies: Diplomacy and dialogue, Economic Sanctions and Isolation, International Coalition, Humanitarian Intervention, and Cyber Warfare and Disruption. On the diplomatic front, the dialogue had already halted with both Xi and Putin absent from this year’s G20 Summit. Economic sanctions are ineffective, as forming this Evil-Axis alliance; together they become a potent opponent of America. And Xi has elevated its ties with Venezuela to an “all-weather strategic partnership”. International Coalition where joined military exercises of the U.S. and its allies at the South China Sea has not deterred Xi’s resolve to take Taiwan by force at all. Both Singapore (SAF) and Thailand (RTN) had joint military exercises with the CCP army (PLA) recently. Humanitarian Intervention is a non-impact as all these three tyrants have absolute power over their people; a case in point is the mass internment of Uyghur Muslims in detention camps in Xinjiang. Cyber warfare proved to be very challenging as well and internal infiltrations in the U.S. by CCP intelligence agents are wide and across all levels.

It is time for world leaders to recognize that there is no common ground, period. What propel this evil trio forward is power, their ideology, and their twisted sense of destiny. All it takes to unravel this alliance and thwart their nefarious plans are 1) freeze the assets of the regimes and their leaders to further strangle their access to international resources; 2) Work with the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to obtain exclusive coveted intelligence to cripple their plans; 3) to designate these regimes as a terror organization and they shall no longer represent their people. As global citizens, we must demand that our leaders pursue these strategies relentlessly to ensure a peaceful and secure future for generations to come. The final moments of this epic battle are unfolding, the stakes could not be higher, and the time for action is now. World leaders and intelligence agencies must move with unwavering determination in unison, plot their next move meticulously, and execute it with the precision of a surgeon. As in the game of life, like a game of chess, the final moves are often the most extraordinary and sweet uttering the word – CHECKMATE!