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Understanding the CCP’s Lies Told From The Beginning of Their Reign Will Save the Free World from Communism | WHISTLE BLOWERS 9.16.23 at 12pm

Kim Jong-un, who attended the Eastern Economic Forum on September 13, met with Putin. Kim Jong-un said that Russia was engaged in a “Holy War” for its sovereignty and said that he would always stand together with Russia to fight against hegemonious power and imperialism.

In the past six and a half years, the number of people that have benn mentioned by Miles Guo as “suicided” or “disappeared” in the live broadcast is no less than 200, but in fact, tens of thousands of people have been “suicided” or “disappeared” in China. Those are all Chinese elites, including celebrities, billionaires, former foreign ministers, and officers of the People’s Liberation Army, many of whom are actually fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China.

A declassified document shows the different stages of land reform from 1947-1953.