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Four Major Political Shifts Triggered by CCP’s ‘Evil Axis’

Ashely W

After the New Federal State of China’s exclusive reports on the emergence of the Chinese Communist Party’s “Axis of Evil” Plan and the cooperation between Communist China, Russia, and North Korea, the NFSC offered further commentary on the possible consequences of the “evil alliance.”

On September 10th, reports suggested that the “evil alliance,” formed by the three countries, could bring an uncontrollable disaster to the world and might eventually lead to World War III.

Analysts have highlighted that the CCP’s “Axis of Evil” will introduce four major changes to global politics:

1. The CCP has long sought to destroy the U.S. and NATO. China, Russia, and North Korea’s “evil alliance” violated the CCP’s agreement with the non-alliance. In the future, Iran and Syria might also join this “evil alliance.”

2. The Evil Axis trades technology, energy, and weapons without any currency, introducing a novel mode of cooperation in war. This could help them distance themselves from the financial system that the U.S. established and leveraged to maintain its global dominance through “long arm jurisdiction”. China’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has been poised for this moment, marking the advent of a new global financial system led by the digital RMB.

3. All the countries within the Evil Axis possess nuclear and biochemical weapons. In the event of global warfare, these weapons could cause an uncontrollable disaster for humanity.

4. The “evil alliance” among the “non-aligned” nations indicates that the United Nations might lose its authority to uphold global peace, potentially plunging the world into World War III.

The NFSC aims to alert the West to the growing threat posed by the CCP and its evil axis, emphasizing the potential global catastrophe that could ensue.