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Nicole on America First News 04/07/2023

Part 1: Josh Feuerstein: If We Want To Know Who Is Behind All of These Actions, We Should Listen to Miles Guo

04/06/2023 Josh Feuerstein: Miles Guo has been a warning voice of American, warning us what will happen. A long time ago, he predicted what will happen to Steve Bannon and President Trump. If we want to know who is behind all of these actions, we should pay attention to him, and listen to what he says.


Part 2: Nicole: What Miles Guo Warned the American Public Two Years Ago Has Come True

04/06/2023  On America First News, Nicole reveals that two years ago, Miles Guo had warned the American public of CCP’s plan to indict President Trump to stop him from 2024 presidential bid. Nobody ever believed that will come true. But now we all witnessed the sad tragedy. The host Josh Feuerstein believed that the fact that Miles Guo is in jail actually proves he is speaking the truth.


Part 4: Nicole Exposes Double Standards in U.S. Justice System in Miles Guo‘s Case

04/06/2023 On America First News, Nicole highlights the stark contrast between the treatment of CCP’s No.1 enemy Mr. Miles Guo and former DOJ employee George Higginbotham. Higginbotham, who pleaded guilty to participating in the CCP’s scheme, walked free with tens of millions of dollars, while Guo remains behind bars awaiting a decision on his bail request. This shows the double standards of the US judicial system infiltrated by the CCP.

Part 5: Josh Feuerstein and Matt Locke Discuss the CCP’s Threat by Weakening the Dollar and Propaganda

04/06/2023 Josh Feuerstein and Matt Locke discuss the danger posed by CCP’s increasing influence and their long-term plans. They express concern over the potential loss of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, which could lead to CCP gaining control over the US. The dangers of CCP-controlled social media are also discussed, with TikTok being identified as a threat to privacy and a source of propaganda. 


Part 6: Nicole: Pick Up Your Phone and Write to Your Elected Officials To Demand Immediate Investigation of Miles Guo’s Case, Because American Is Not Free Until Miles Guo Is Free

04/06/2023 On America First News, Nicole hopes the American people help free Miles Guo, because America is not free until Miles Guo is free. Pick up your phone and write to your elected officials to demand an immediate investigation on Miles Guo’s case. Because the weaponizations of American justice system is totally exemplified in these cases. Nations do not die from invasion. They die from internal rottenness. America needs to remove those sellouts.