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Bombshell: Miles Guo’s Arrest Intended to Stop Him from Testifying in Pras Michel Trial

Matt Palumbo

Michel doesn’t deny lobbying but is arguing that he was acting in the interests of the U.S., not the CCP. We’ll see how that works out for him.

Michel is a co-conspirator of George Higginbotham, a former DOJ Senior Congressional Affairs specialist who pleaded guilty in a conspiracy to deceive U.S. banks about lobbying funds for China.

In 2017, Michel introduced George Higginbotham, a senior DOJ official, to Jho Low and the CCP. Jho Low is also the man accused of paying Michel the aforementioned $100+ million.

Michel then arranged for Higginbotham to meet with Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai in Washington in July 2017, to discuss their illegal plan to return Miles Guo to communist China.

In addition, Michel traveled with Elliot Broidy, former RNC Finance Chairman, Nickie Davis, Broidy’s Associate, and Higginbotham to Shen Zhen, China in 2017, to meet with Vice Minister of Public Security Sun Lijun.

Michel met with FBI agent Andrew Zitman multiple times in June 2017, with whom he shared the CCP’s proposal to remove Guo and send him back to China in exchange for American hostages.

Michel is also alleged to have tried to set up a meeting with then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to try to get Guo sent back to China.

The extent of the effort, and sum of money, goes to prove that Guo is public enemy number one of the CCP.

As Michel fights his case, his legal team has been adamant about Guo testifying in the case. In a legal filing dated March 23, 2023, his attorneys argue that Guo testifying is necessary for Michel to provide a successful defense.

It’s ironic, because Guo’s testimony is far more likely to implode Michel’s case, and further expose the CCP’s web infiltrating the U.S. government.

As Guo remains detained without bail (while Michel was let out without bail on his own recognizance), the government hasn’t allowed him to be served in the Michel case. As Michel’s lawyers note in their filing, service has been attempted at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn where Guo is housed, but their process servicer was informed that “Absolutely no legal papers are allowed to be served in premises for this case.”

If there’s any question as to why Guo still hasn’t been offered a bail hearing, that it prevents him from testifying in this case is it. And if there’s some question as to what they’re so afraid of, it’s that if allowed to testify, Guo would reveal the identities of even more DOJ personnel collaborating with the CCP – which the DOJ prosecuting the Michel case obviously has a vested interest in stopping.

Why a DOJ intent on persecuting Guo is prosecuting Michel may seem contradictory at first glance – but it makes perfect sense in light of a DOJ whose goal is to make Michel their “fall guy” – and push all blame for the alleged illegal lobbying on him.

Pras likely to expose half of the plot during his trial – the part pertaining to corrupt FBI and DOJ agents part of the scheme, while Guo’s testimony would fully connect the dots on how it all links back to the CCP, which has been fighting to extradite him.

Guo’s intel has proven solid in the past. Back in November of 2021, Guo predicted the eventual indictment of Donald Trump in an attempt to stop him from becoming President again – which just happened (though fortunately, most legal experts see the case against Trump as week).

We should demand that Miles Guo be permitted to testify in Pras Michel’s trial to expose the true extent of the CCP’s infiltration within the DOJ. Free Miles Guo – and let him speak!