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Press Release from Himalaya Global Alliance



March 15, 2023 (New York, USA) Around 5:00 am EST today, more than 100 FBI agents raided Mr. Miles Guo’s New York residence, handcuffed him, and took him to court for interrogation. Subsequently, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) and SEC published press releases. We believe all of the allegations made against Mr. Guo by the SEC and SDNY are fabricated and unwarranted. What we’re witnessing is unrestricted lawfare by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through manipulation of the U.S. justice system. This is a perfect example of the CCP’s successful weaponization of America’s federal government agencies. From the moment Mr. Guo began whistleblowing against the CCP kleptocrats, the CCP launched both an incessant disinformation campaign about and unrestricted lawfare against Mr. Guo. The CCP seeks to destroy its number one enemy — Mr. Guo and the Chinese Whistleblower Movement on U.S. soil — through its infamous BGY strategy (blue referring to cyberattacks and media influence; gold referring to bribery by money of corrupt politicians, lawyers, judges and the media; yellow referring to bribery and later blackmail by sex). The CCP has succeeded in weaponizing the U.S. justice system, launching more than 70 lawsuits against Mr. Guo, his family, and his supporters with the help of American traitors working on behalf of the CCP.

The Himalaya Global Alliance is working with the Rule of Law Foundation, the Rule of Law Society, and more concerned entities and individuals to fight back against the CCP’s unrestricted lawfare. We believe in the power of justice, and we believe the rule of law in the U.S. will uphold justice. We believe the CCP’s weaponization of U.S. federal government agencies will awaken the American people and unite all freedom-loving people to stand united with the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to take down the CCP.

We call on the 118th U.S. Congress to promptly investigate the lawsuits against Mr. Guo to find out how the CCP succeeded in weaponizing the U.S. justice system. American tax-payers funded government agencies should not be aiding and abetting CCP’s work to destroy America from within. American people deserve to know the truth. The world must know who has been doing CCP’s bidding inside the DOJ, SEC, FBI, and SDNY. We also call on the supporters of the NFSC to contact their representatives in the House of Representatives and Senate to demand an immediate investigation into these agencies’ handling of the lawsuits against Mr. Guo. For media inquiries or interviews, please contact