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Leavitt: Influence-Peddling Case Underscores China’s Relentless Resolve to Silence Critics

Karoline Leavitt

Recently, there has been increased concern about the influence of foreign governments, particularly the Chinese Communist Party controlled Beijing regime, on American politicians.

Let’s set the record straight: CCP never represents Chinese people.

Reports have emerged of alleged bribes and “honey pots” being used by the CCP to sway American politicians toward their interests. While bribery and corruption are certainly not new to politics, the scale and scope of these allegations are disturbing.

Just days ago, a CCP-linked operative, Nickie Lum Davis of Honolulu, came under scrutiny due to her involvement in a scheme to lobby U.S. government officials on behalf of a Malaysian financier believed to be backed by the Chinese Communist Party.

In exchange for millions of dollars, Davis and her co-conspirators attempted to use back channels to influence high-level U.S. government officials and sell their connections to the “highest foreign bidder,” as stated by John Keller of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section.

As the case developed, it became clear that she was part of a larger scheme, in which she and her co-conspirators—Elliott Broidy, George Higginbotham and Prakazrel “Pras” Michel—tried to conspire with high-ranking officials of CCP to push for the return of Miles Guo, CCP’s No. 1 enemy, back to China.

Guo has been a thorn in the side of the CCP for years now, and the CCP continues to work through back channels in the United States to silence him.

Lum Davis worked hand-in-hand with a political fundraiser named Elliot Broidy. Together, they engaged in illicit lobbying efforts, sexual escapades and criminal activities more in keeping with a James Bond film than the realities of modern politics.

More than 47 pages of text messages reveal a stunning tale of bribery, criminality and illegality stemming from these CCP-linked individuals.

This type of behavior is a serious breach of trust and integrity—even more so since it stems from one of our biggest rivals, communist China. The use of bribes and illegal methods to sway government officials is a corruption of the lobbying process and undermines the public’s faith in the American political system.

Furthermore, Davis’s lack of remorse and previous attempts to withdraw her guilty plea indicate a disregard for the gravity of her actions.

Foreign influence in American politics is not new, and the CCP is not the only foreign interest engaging in these practices. However, the sheer size and global reach of China under CCP, combined with its strategic goals, make it a particularly potent threat.

The American political system is built on the principles of transparency and accountability, and any efforts by foreign governments to undermine these values must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.

The actions of Nickie Lum Davis and her co-conspirators are a reminder of the great threat posed by the CCP, and CCP-linked entities, within the United States. Their efforts to seize and silence an incredibly influential Chinese dissident, Miles Guo, will not stop.

The American government must recognize the reach and range of CCP’s infiltration into and threats to the U.S., so that the democratic government under the Constitution may be preserved.

The best way to do so is to let the American people know the case of Guo, which has clearly illustrated the CCP’s infiltration into the U.S. government. Any attempts to bribe or unduly influence government officials are unacceptable and undermine the integrity of the American political system.

The American people have a right to know the truth about the CCP’s influence through its money in U.S. politics, and to demand that their elected officials serve with integrity and dedication.