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Classified documents about the PLA’s underground command posts for operations against Taiwan


In late July of 2022, citizens of the NFSC exposed to the world the top military intelligence regarding the decades-long efforts of the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) to construct key military facilities in preparation for the invasion of Taiwan. More specifically, we disclosed numerous classified documents about the CCP’s underground command posts, underground command and communication systems, integrated Air Force commanding platforms, optical cable construction projects, and the personal information about the key PLAAF technical personnel involved in the above mentioned projects, etc. All these classified documents are essential to understanding the CCP’s deployment in terms of its military operations against Taiwan. In addition, many of the underground military installations exposed by the NFSC are unfortunately in the vicinity of densely populated areas in China. That means their destruction will cost the Chinese people a great deal of innocent lives. Thus, these classified documents also demonstrates how evil the Chinese Communist Party is.