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Nickie Lum Davis Case

From about March 2017 to January 2018, Nickie Lum Davis, a US businesswoman, together with Person A (Paras Michael), a US businessman, and Person B (Eliott Bridy), Deputy Finance Chair for Trump campaign during the 2016 election cycle, acted as agents of Foreign National A (Jho Low), who was a young businessman from Malaysia and also known as CCP’s high-level officer Meng Jianzhu’s illegitimate child, to lobby high-level officers of the White House and the US president to resolve the investigation of a Malaysian company and to return a PRC National A (Miles Guo) to China.

Jho Low arranged the transfer of tens of millions of dollars from foreign accounts to Person A’s company and to Person B’s wife’s law firm in the name of consultant fees and legal fees, despite the fact that no consulting or legal services were ever provided. That money eventually ended up in Davis, Person A and B’s personal accounts. Davis acted as ‘an agent of a foreign principal’ on behalf of Jho Low, PRC Minister A (Sun Lijun) and the government of the PRC, but never registered to the FADA unit within the US Department of Justice. Davis committed the crime of knowingly and willfully failing to register.

U.S. District Judge Leslie Kobayashi also fined Nickie Lum Davis $250,000 and ordered her to complete three years of supervised release. Davis, a Punahou School graduate, also agreed to pay $3 million in restitution to the government. Davis also admitted she worked on behalf of the People’s Republic of China in its campaign to extradite billionaire and dissident Guo Wengui.