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Push Global CCP Influence Into the Light

Gavin Wax

Democrats and neocons proclaim that Russia represents the primary geopolitical threat to American interests. They are wrong. In fact, it is China that has demonstrated its blatant willingness to manipulate the American psyche through the direct intervention of the American media.

Much of their power is exerted in the shadows, through subversion and infiltration. Still, they are also mastering the art of lawfare and the use of frivolous legal threats to enact their agenda of silencing opponents and quashing harmful information.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) often uses its assets to do its dirty work on its behalf, using financial leverage over individuals whose fortunes rest upon favorable treatment from the ruling class.

One such example of a globalist financier with deep ties to China is Shan Weijian, who is locked in a lawsuit with famed CCP dissident Miles Guo and is attempting to silence a publisher for exposing harsh truths about CCP’s massive web of government and corporate influence.

Shan, born in China, was part of what can be considered the original Thousand Talents Plan, following the opening of relations between China and the U.S. during the Richard Nixon administration. He attended some of the finest American universities (Cal-Berkeley), became ingratiated into Western institutions (World Bank), and worked for the most privileged corporations America has to offer (JP Morgan) before taking that knowledge back to China for economic and cultural conquest.

Shan’s gushing profile in the CCP-friendly South China Morning Post explains how he exploited rules enacted by President Bill Clinton to make his fortune in China. Shan’s private equity firm, Newbridge Capital, worked with Chinese state bank officials and hired a former Clinton treasury official to become the controlling stakeholder of a powerful Chinese bank.

Shan was a pioneer of the “Chimerica” intermingling of the Chinese and U.S. economies, resulting in a loss of American sovereignty and manufacturing that is likely nonrecoverable.

Considering Shan owes his internationalist tycoon status directly to support from the CCP, it should come as no surprise that Shan sees himself locked into a feud with Guo, a Chinese patriot who is among the most outspoken opponents of Chinese communism on Earth. Shan is using his adeptness at lawfare in an attempt to censor an article featuring facts unfavorable to the oligarch.

Shan is using CCP tactics of lawfare and frivolous threats in an attempt to undermine the press freedom of The Washington Times to remove an article they published mentioning Shan’s business ties.

“The article all but declares that Mr. Shan and the trustee are agents of the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”), and that both men are “weaponizing” the bankruptcy process against [Guo] and on behalf of the CCP. [Guo] is presented as an innocent victim of the Chinese government,” Shan’s lawyers wrote in a cease-and-desist letter to The Washington Times.

The article under fire by Shan’s attorneys demanded that the Republican-controlled U.S. House to investigate the targeting of communist dissidents, exposing how the Biden Department of Justice is doing the bidding of the CCP. It referenced a DOJ-driven biased bankruptcy proceeding against Guo, with only a passing mention of Shan and his holding company, Pacific Alliance Group.

Why would Shan want this article removed unless he was carrying water for the CCP?

Guo is the founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), the largest whistleblower group that is organizing enemies of the CCP to create sustained pushback against their policies. The NFSC is supported by 500 million freedom fighters worldwide and represents the biggest threat to CCP tyranny on Earth. Guo’s mission in life, which he is willing to die for, would end the system that has enriched Shan and given him immense economic power.

Shan has a long history of carrying water for Chinese totalitarianism. He has defended harsh and brutal measures inflicted upon Uygur Muslim religious minorities, downplaying the systemic murder of this persecuted ethnic group in China.

Shan has also been an apologist for China’s imperial policies toward Taiwan, setting the basis for an eventual takeover. Only now, after being exposed by Guo, is Shan conveniently issuing a tepid rebuke of the Chinese zero COVID policy. No doubt this was approved by the politburo beforehand.

The Washington Times deserves credit for refusing to buckle under pressure. Influence by the CCP and its functionaries must be pushed out of the darkness and into the light whenever possible. Sunshine will make it more difficult for the ruthless communist threat to exert control.

Guo’s crusade is something that should be welcomed by any American who cares about the future of free speech. His ongoing battle with the DOJ has massive implications for all of our rights and for keeping the system impartial rather than driven by malign foreign influence.